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TV just got way more interesting.

Pause any TV show and see an ad for a product that looks exactly like the item in the scene – that’s Contxtual Pause Ads™.

Different because it scales.

Unlike other shoppable video technologies, Contxtual™ serves product ads programmatically, at scale, across any size video catalog, without the need for manual updates of any kind.

Sell every second.

Contxtual Pause Ads™ make every second of every video a delightful opportunity for shopping discovery. Don’t be surprised if your viewers get addicted to them. #adbinging.

Meet the new BUY button.

76% of consumers say they would shop their TVs in real-time, if it were an option. 76% of consumers are about to get a whole lot happier.

No expired links. Ever.

So your “shoppable” ads launched beautifully but a few weeks later products are sold out. Contxtual’s advanced AI technology empowers publishers to automatically serve contextual product ads that are always in stock, even years after the video was created. So your shoppable videos remain, well, shoppable.

Always accurate.

Contxtual™ is the first ad technology that matches product ads to every second of video content with fully configurable accuracy settings, right up to 100%.

How much new revenue can Contxtual™ generate?

The Contxtual™ ad unit can increase revenue and ARPU substantially. Use our simple calculator to run projections on-the-fly.



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What the experts say.

Over 75% of customers want to shop through their TV.

Retail DiveDan O'Shea

73% of consumers surveyed dislike ads that interrupt what they’re doing; therefore, Pause Ads are very much about the right message at the right time.

XandrMatt Van Houten, SVP

69% of U.S. adults said they think ads on streaming services are repetitive; 79% are bothered by that experience.

Morning ConsultSarah Shevenock & Alyssa Meyers

Contextual ads don't rely on cookies to deliver relevant experiences. The model protects privacy, serves relevant ads and can have a phenomenal impact.

Forbes, Agency CouncilBrook Shepard

We are primarily a content company and the mechanisms for the monetization of content are in disarray.

James L. DolanExecutive Chairman, AMC Studios

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